Ugly, mean-spirited politician physically attacks ugly, old politician

Fighting politicians remind us not to get uppity with our expectations Well, I don’t know about any of you, but frankly I’ve been concerned with all these presidential debates about boring crap like “policy”. ┬áSure, Joe Biden made things a bit interesting last night schooling Paul Ryan…rightly accusing Ryan of coldly lying to the American […]

Not even rat-infested peanut butter can take me down

Please sir, may I have another ratsicle? Gentle readers, you may have noticed that your recent attempts to drink from the fount of my knowledge have been less than satisfying, as the ol’ Fishwrap has been down for a couple of months. Well, I’m crashing your party again…and more importantly, the site is not. Turns […]

After the iCloud of smoke clears, make sure you check your wallet.

Apple fanboys and girls, answer me this. Can a deliberately coercive upgrade such as this iCloud adventure convince you of the evil? Or will you just continue to justify Apple’s behavior like the mousey, enabling spouse of a violent alcoholic insists that “they-really-love-me-and-are-actually-a-really-caring-company-that-only-hits-me-when-I-deserve-it? So, it all started with the pretty button. I hadn’t even had […]

Greasy post contest/request

1. It’s pronounced “greazy”. 2. Comment on this post with a topic that grinds your gears – something you really want to rant about but just don’t have the bitching skills necessary to do it justice. 3. The rules are simple – if your comment clearly demonstrates you aren’t an emmeffing spam bot, I will […]

Childhood Obesity is NOT an “epidemic”

Childhood obesity is idiotic, lazy parents who are fat-asses themselves. Childhood obesity is unethical American consumer packaged goods companies marketing plastic shavings from China as “food”. Childhood obesity is overprotective idiotic fucks who won’t let their children play sports because they might break a finger, but ballooning up to a size where your pancreas fails […]