Ugly, mean-spirited politician physically attacks ugly, old politician

Fighting politicians remind us not to get uppity with our expectations

Well, I don’t know about any of you, but frankly I’ve been concerned with all these presidential debates about boring crap like “policy”.  Sure, Joe Biden made things a bit interesting last night schooling Paul Ryan…rightly accusing Ryan of coldly lying to the American public, then demonstrating how the American public responds much better to being lied to in an animated, chummy fashion. But these debates have mostly consisted of lengthy discussions about dry topics like “issues” and “policy”, occasionally venturing so far that a candidate has expressed an actual opinion about what the hell we should do about them.

Berman v. Sherman – Tonight on KTLA

After several years of American politics being a beer-and-popcorn sideshow of infantile, ignorant idiots doing nothing but slinging mud at each other while millions of unemployed entertain themselves mulling over how long it will be before the trillions of dollars we’re hemorrhaging makes it necessary to starting paying interest on our debts to China by conscripting young boys and girls to become “escorts” for the politburo……well, after all this time, sudden talk about “planning” and “the future” is quite unnerving.

Thank God my souring mood was saved by these two fine gentlemen, Democratic Representatives Brad Sherman and Howard Berman of California. (It always has to be California, doesn’t it….)

Berman and Sherman - Frog and Toad

Berman and Sherman – Frog and Toad




Even a fat, asthmatic grade school bully would be ashamed

Read the full story yourself – I’m about to go cut myself as penance for wasting ten minutes of my life writing about these two turds – but here are the highlights:

  • Two career politicians from the same party
  • California redistricting = gravy train gone, must actually compete for a job
  • Having no actual life skills, race to be decided with the best tool of politics – enormous money.
  • Functionally equivalent bags of flesh have nothing to distinguish themselves by and no experience with actual competition
  • So there’s obviously only one way to settle it.
  • Gross frog man (pictured on right) attacks fearful hobbit guy (pictured on the left). Physically. On stage. And poor hobbit guy is 20 years older and a good bit shorter as well!
Well done, guys! Now people might be able to remember which of you is which when they’re at the polling booth. “So who you voting for, ‘the asshole in the wifebeater’ or ‘grampa with the neck bruises?'”
Now that’s the kind of American politics people expect and deserve.


  1. Amber Gregory , since you missed the debate yesterday….


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