Not even rat-infested peanut butter can take me down

Please sir, may I have another ratsicle?

Gentle readers, you may have noticed that your recent attempts to drink from the fount of my knowledge have been less than satisfying, as the ol’ Fishwrap has been down for a couple of months. Well, I’m crashing your party again…and more importantly, the site is not.

Turns out this time it wasn’t hackers – those guys seem to have taken my threat of a severe cuttin’ to heart. Nope, it was gremlins. Evil ones that bury code deep, deep down in the fishy bowels of WordPress, snaring site visitors in a deep, dark hole of eternal database loops and page redirection…

Well, hopefully while you were there the gremlins fed you well – last I saw, they were partying with some USDA Select RatMeet(tm) – dipped in peanut butter, of course.

So maybe this time away was a good thing after all. After all, my continuing coverage of this country’s newest gastronomic passion of Rat a la Nut is the most popular topic here. Google says my expertise on the subject lies just below that of CBS News, and just above CNN.

Give the people what they want, I always say. So hold onto your excitement, because the latest tale in my series on the nasty shit we’ve been eating is coming ’round the bend.


  1. Excellent post.

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